• Lac Montagne in the Black Mountains to the north of Mazamet in the Midi-Pyrenees
     Lac Montagne in the Black Mountains to the north of Mazamet in the Midi-Pyrenees
  • The Ibsley Bridge over the Hampshire Avon
     The Ibsley Bridge over the Hampshire Avon
  • A street scene on Paros in the Greek Islands
     A street scene on Paros in the Greek Islands
  • Cruising around off the Island of Corfu
     Cruising around off the Island of Corfu
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay
     Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay
  • Along the Seine
     Along the Seine
  • A gondola on the Grand Canal
     A gondola on the Grand Canal

Periodically we get inspired to record some of the more memorable days of trips that we have made. They serve to remind us of the things that we have done, the places we have been to and the people we have met and if we do not record them we tend to forget great chunks of the times we have spent away.
For those viewing these diaries we hope you find them interesting but they are more likely to be of interest only to our family and friends.

The Napa Valley, California

Cade Winery, Napa Valley, California

Sep 23, 2012

Martin Fuggle


We got up at 6.30am on the morning of Thursday 20th, September and caught the shuttle that we had booked to take us to Newark Airport in New Jersey. We flew to San Francisco, picked up a car and drove north across the Golden Gate Bridge to American Canyon just a short distance from Napa and the towns in the valley. When we got to the Doubletree Hilton we picked up our camera which had arrived safely from Las Vegas. The hotel room was large with a king sized bed - a contrast to the hotel in New York. We decided to eat at the hotel restaurant and had three side dishes to share. Surprisingly... + details

The final days in New York

The 'Intrepids' in New York

Sep 19, 2012

Martin Fuggle


Jenny and Rosie headed off to the Museum of Modern Art just around the corner from the hotel and spent a bit of time in the gift shop! Jenny bought a necklace for Catherine, salt and pepper shakers and a rather attractive bracelet. While they were at the MOMA I spent time walking around 5th Avenue and on my way back to the hotel stumbled across the New York Apple store. It was packed with people and I think it was just one or two days before the release of the iPhone 5. Despite that there were hundreds of people inside. The architecture was interesting. There was a large glass cube at... + details

A Tour of Harlem

Morris-Jumel Mansion, Harlem, New York

Sep 16, 2012

Martin Fuggle


We went on a tour of Harlem which is in the north of Manahattan Island, bordering the north end of Central Park. The tour guide gave a lot of information on the way but much of it was difficult to understand because she spoke so quickly and the microfone kept dropping out. We stopped at the Morris-Jumel Mansion (see photo above) before stopping at the Paradise Baptist Church where we were allowed to observe a part of the morning service. The congregation was small and consisted mainly of black women with a choir and small band included a drummer, electric organ and saxphone. There was a lot... + details

Getting to know Manhattan

Ed Sullivan Theatre, 9th Avenue, New York

Sep 15, 2012

Martin Fuggle


I got up early so that I could find a laundromat and find B&H so that I could buy a camera to replace the one that I had lost. I bundled up the washing and found a laundromat on the corner of 9th Avenue and West 53rd Street where I was able to leave the washing for them to do. I then walked down 9th Avenue towards West 33rd Street where B&H are located. On the way I stopped to a get a New York haircut and finally got to B&H at around 8.30am. It was shut and didn't open until 9.00am. I waited in what turned out to be a large queue and watched all of the hacidic jews walking to... + details


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