The Peak District

Jul 23, 2014

Martin Fuggle


We left London for the drive to Poynton to meet members of the family and celebrate my uncle's 93rd Birthday. We took a taxi to Hertz in Edgware Road where we picked up a car and headed up the Edgware Road to pick up the M40 and then the M6. Not long after we left Hertz Jenny realized that we had left an expensive box of chocolates in the fridge at the hotel. They were to be given to my uncle for his birthday (what else does a 93 year old need?). Jenny called the hotel to ask if they could post them but that seemed too hard for them so we arranged for someone to pick them up from the hotel. When they were collected from the hotel there was one chocolate missing! The drive to Poynton was long but uneventful and we had afternoon tea with Eugene and my Aunt Maureen before heading off to our hotel for the night.

We had arranged to meet for a celebration dinner on the following night and during the day we took a trip in the Peak District. Our first stop was at the Chatsworth House Farm Store where we managed to buy a replacement box of chocolates before continuing to Chatsworth House, the seat of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Chatsworth was wonderful and next time we visit we will go inside but there were so many coaches that we had a look at the grounds and traveled on to Bakewell 'where the tarts come from'.

On our return to Poynton we stopped at Eyam. Unfortunately the main attraction, the gardens of Eyam House, was closed but instead we went through Eyam Museum which was fascinating. In 1665 a tailor from Eyam ordered a bale of cloth from London to make up into clothes for the villagers, unwittingly triggering a chain of events that led to two hundred and sixty Eyam villagers dying from bubonic plague, more than double the mortality rate suffered by the citizens of London in the Great Plague.

When we got back to Poynton we joined family and friends for a dinner to celebrate my uncle's 93rd birthday. He is very alert but unfortunately his hearing and eyesight are deteriorating so it was a little difficult for him to take part in the conversations taking place across the table. My aunt was staying with him for another twelve days and a friend took them both on outings in the surrounding countryside.

We left the following morning for the journey to the Lake District.


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