Market Day in Aussillon

Mar 13, 2014

Martin Fuggle


The Aussillon market takes places every thursday in the town, rather than the village, of Aussillon. Having spent some time trying to find the market in the village the distinction between the town and the village is well imprinted on our minds.

Once we found the market we parked, probably illegally, and started to wander around. There were a lot of stalls selling shoes, clothing, curtains and a whole lot of things that we didn't need but there was also a good undercover food market. There were some wonderful cheeses and we bought some Rochfort. As far as I know it's not possible to buy it in Australia because its import was banned some time ago. If I am correct I think it would be great if the Abbott government could overturn the ban in the same way that it has overturned most other (labor party) legislation. Strawberries and asparagus seem to be in at the moment and the strawberries were a steal at €3.80 a kilogram. They were big and sweet (I know because I ate three or four from the stall before deciding to buy some).

We had a quiet afternoon and drove to the lake in the Black Mountains where we had a snooze on the banks of the lake in the afternoon sun. One of the good things about being here out of season is that there are no crowds and parking is easy.

When we got back to Mazamet Sylvie knocked on the door and we chatted to her in Franglais for a while until we were about to say 'au revoir' when Angus arrived. Angus is an Australian who has been living in France for twenty years and runs a business in Mazamet called Fine Wine Tours. We invited Gus for a wine and chatted with him about France and Tony Abbott and found he is a soulmate who is more knowledgeable about the current state of politics in Australia than we are. I hope we see more of Gus since he is such an interesting person to talk to.

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