Harrods, Portobello Road and Lords

Jul 1, 2014

Martin Fuggle


​On the ground floor at Harrods there were chocolates everywhere and trying to make a choice was challenging. There were large circular boxes that sold for four or five hundred dollars down to single chocolates for three or four dollars only! We eventually decided to buy a box of Harrods' branded chocolates which looked like a good option.

We had planned to meet Jenny & Russell Middleton in Notting Hill Gate at 2.00pm outside of Jamie Oliver's shop. So we decided to spend the morning wandering through the wonderful food halls of Harrods. We wanted to buy a present for my uncle's 93rd birthday and chocolates seemed to be the best option. We then decided to have lunch in one of their 'tea rooms' and I had been hankering for kippers for breakfast but they weren't even on the menu at Harrods so I had to settle for Welsh Rarebit. 

After lunch we took a bus to Marble Arch from Knightsbridge and another bus to Notting Hill Gate. We met as planned and the two Jenny's spent the afternoon walking along Portobello Road while Russell and I walked to Lords where we watched some Real Tennis as well as the first two sets of the ladies final at the French Open. At the end of the second set, when it was one all, we left the tennis club and walked onto the hallowed turf of Lords which was ready for a match between England and Sri Lanka.

​We then started to walk back to Notting Hill and stopped by a rather attractive pub to watch the end of the final set and have some well earned refreshment. Sharapova was lucky to win but it was one of the best women's finals for a long time. I ordered a glass of white wine and paid £9.50. Anywhere else I could have bought a whole bottle for that price but it did signify the fact that London is very expensive.

There and back to Lords we crossed over the Regents Park Canal which runs through London across the top of Regents Park. It was full of people living in narrow barges and pubs lining the banks of the canal. We walked along Portobello Road and after walking for two hours (an hour each way) we finally got back to Ladbroke Square for a very pleasant dinner with Russell & Jenny.

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