Castres 22 - Montpellier 15

Apr 18, 2014

Martin Fuggle


The south of France is fanatical about rugby union and Castre-Olympique were 2013 champions. With two rounds to go before the final series Castre were in sixth place and had a must win game against Montpellier to remain in the top six.

So it was when we headed off to the Stade Pierre Antoine to watch the match. We went with two fanatical CO supporters and got to the match with plenty of time to spare. Time enough to wander around the stadium to the stall that served oysters and seafood brochettes with a glass of wine. The French do their rugby in style! Not only was the match important from the competition's point of view but it was also the last match for Romain Teulet, one of the heros of the club with more than 3,000 points to his name in senior rugby matches for CO.

We managed to get two of the only ten seats remaining when we booked a week before the match and we weren't able to get two seats together. Fortunately they were not far apart and luckily when the match started we were able to move. The atmosphere was electric and the noise deafening with the commentator inciting the CO fans to respond to all sorts of calls for the CO team to perform. And perform they did with a 22-15 win against the top side. Romain Teulet was brought onto the field for the last twenty minutes of the game and took the last two penalty kicks when the regular kicker missed a couple of earlier attempts. The crowd roared each time he put the ball over and at the end of the match they played a video of the highlights of his career before lifting him on the shoulders of the captain and parading him around the ground in front of the fans.

At one stage his son raced onto the field and got taken around with his dad. There was so much emotion in the crowd that Jenny cried - at a rugby match, I ask you!

Their next match is against Bayonne in two weeks time at Bayonne, a four hour drive away. We are currently negotiating a day trip to Bayonne with the two CO fanatical fans.

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