Beaumont du Perigord and Prudence

Mar 19, 2014

Martin Fuggle


We spent the morning in Sarlat so that we could visit the market. It has only just got going after the winter break so the market stalls were a bit sparse. There is a covered market which is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and again on Fridays and Saturdays. It is in a spendid old building with the biggest doors to the market that I have ever seen. We previously bought some delicatessen stuff and in particular we bought some of the cheese that we had previously bought in Mazamet. It is a very old and very expensive cheese from the Auverne. The ratio of cheese to rind is about 2:1 so the unit cost of the edible parts of the cheese is even more costly than we first thought. It is a good cheese. We also bought some terrine with foie gras embedded in the middle and Jenny was persuaded to buy a small 'duck sausage' at one of the market stalls.

We took our provisions and some bread to a spot under a bridge on the river Dordogne where we struggled to cut the duck sausage. However in the sunshine, with the river sparkling under the bridge it didn't seem to matter.

A friend of ours had suggested that we must visit Beaumont du Perigord and meet with Prudence. Prudence is a parfumeur who has gained prominence in Paris, and maybe elsewhere, for her perfumes. Beaumont was quite a way to the west of Sarlat so we were expecting a lot of this village and Prudence to repay us for the length of drive. As we came into the village there were signs to Prudence Parfum which we followed and stopped outside of her shop which was in a small street off the main square.

We parked the car and opened the door to the shop. It certainly smelled of good perfumes but was absolutely cluttered with stuff that meant we could hardly get past the front door. There was no sign of Prudence but Jenny spotted a little sign that said to ring the bell across the road. We rang the bell and rang again and again. No sign of Prudence. So we walked into the square for a coffee and then back to see if Prudence had arrived. Still no sign of her so we got into the car and drove back to Sarlat. So much for Beaumont and Prudence.

Given that it was our last night in Sarlat we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. We weren't disappointed and had a very good meal. The restaurant and the service was in the style of Faulty Towers but the food was excellent.

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